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Why Doesn't "Big Oil" Want you to Know about Water Fuel?

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We have all experienced the rising gas costs, causing most of us significant strain on our monthly budgets. As we wait for either the government or gas companies to lower the costs, there are things we can do in the interim in order to experience some relief at the gas tank.

Purchase your gas when it is cold outside, because the cold causes the gasoline to concentrate. During warmer weather, gas expands which gives the pump the impression that more gas is coming out, when it reality the gas is simply expanded - not greater. If you would like to get more gas for less money, purchasing it when the gas is contracted is one way to save money on gas.

When your tires are low on air, you do more than simply risk using a spare tire - you also decrease your overall MPG by up to 25%. Keep your tires filled with air and you can save countless hundreds of dollars in the long run as well as improve the life of your tires and your car.

Cars were designed for specific speeds. As such, try to keep your car over 30 miles per hour and less than sixty miles per hour. This is the ideal speed for cars which cause the least amount of strain for the most amount of speed. This will also improve the health of your engine, which will allow your car a better MPG over time.

In addition to the above three tips, there is an engine addition that you can create yourself that has the ability to improve gas mileage by nearly triple its original amount simply by turning your car into a homemade hybrid car. Based on the idea of hydrogen powered cars, car owners can create an engine "supplement" (a piece of technology you attach to your engine) to create a car that runs on both water and gasoline.

And what an improvement - reports of miles per gallon almost tripling amongst casual users have been commonplace with those that use one of the water car systems report a substantial savings of thousands of dollars a year. All it takes is a small addition to your engine that you can make yourself using standard hardware parts.

This HHO technology works by providing an electrical charge to tap water that you can get from your sink and turning it into a hydrogen particle that your car uses as fuel. In a way, you are adding an alternative energy source to your car without having to purchase a new automobile, thus making your car significantly more energy efficient and saving you money at the pump.

And if you want to run your car on water, you'll see that it is 100% safe. Hydrogen powered cars, at least those that were temporarily in production for testing purposes, have often been seen as dangerous because of their combustible material. Not so with these water powered cars. If you are looking for relief from the high gas prices, consider using one of these engine additions to save money on gas.

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Home » Running-costs » Fuels » Why Doesn't "Big Oil" Want you to Know about Water Fuel?   

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