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Water Powered Car - The Truth behind Water Powered Car

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Stanley Meyer invented a water fuel cell device to convert his car to become "water powered car". He did it on his 1.6 liter Volkswagen, and indeed, his car is able to run on water instead of gasoline! This "water powered car" kit run water into its component elements, hydrogen and oxygen, using less energy to power up the car.

Hydrogen fuel technology is being used by all carmaker; Honda launches the first commercial hydrogen car in 2005. Next, do you believe that we can now power up our conventional gasoline car with the hydrogen fuel technology? The truth is YES!

If you car is powered by gasoline, you know that the cost of fuel is hurting your pocket. With the rising costs of fuel prices and expect to raise to $4 per gallon, more and more drivers like you and me are searching for alternatives to gasoline. One of the most discussed alternatives is the use of hydrogen fuel technology to power up your car!

Power up your car with water, is equivalent to convert water into liquid hydrogen. With Hydrogen fuel technology, you are allowed to convert your car to water powered car! Hydrogen can be integrated into your car engine; this will allow your conventional car to run on liquid hydrogen. With $1,000 out from your pocket, you will be able to get a commercial "water powered car" kit. If this is out of your budget, DIY is the next option. With the "Water Powered Car" guide that provides you with the step by step instruction, you can make your car to power up with water.

With a "water powered car", your vehicle's fuel consumption can reduce up to 50% immediately! As hydrogen is a clean energy, you car will produce zero-emissions as compare the carbon exhausts from the conventional gasoline powered cars. On the other hand, your car warranty would not be voided; as the "Water Powered Car" Kit is safe to installed, you can even remove it within seconds.

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Home » Running-costs » Fuels » Water Powered Car - The Truth behind Water Powered Car   

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