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Why Skimping On Car Insurance Just Isn't Worth The Risk

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Owning a car is an expensive business; as well as the initial outlay when purchasing the vehicle itself, there are several other associated costs to be considered in the long-term. Fuel, for instance, is an expense that should be factored in when choosing a car, along with the amount it will cost to obtain car insurance and tax the vehicle - and that's before you've even considered what you'll likely need to spend on MOT and servicing each year.

When you add it all up it's clear to see how some people who buy a car having only budgeted for the initial cost price find themselves out of pocket very quickly. While it might seem tempting to some to try and get away with driving their new car without paying out for insurance, it really is a foolish thing to do for a number of reasons.

The first and most important factor is that driving without insurance is illegal and seen as a serious offence. Should you be caught doing it then you'll be in line for a hefty fine and several penalty points at the very least, and you might just find yourself disqualified from driving. Some people justify driving without insurance to themselves because they feel that they are unlikely to get caught but again this is flawed thinking. The police have ever-more sophisticated equipment to specifically help them catch uninsured drivers, so don't assume that the only way you'll be caught is by being pulled over for a different offence.

The other major reason why driving uninsured is such a bad idea is that you'll have to foot a huge repair bill on your own should you get involved in an accident - or pay out again for a new car should your car be stolen and remain unfound. Insurance is there to aid you when you are unlucky enough to be involved in such incidents and when you look at the big picture the amount you have to spend annually on insurance is a fraction of what it would cost you to replace or carry out major repairs on your vehicle.

Car insurance is absolutely essential, so your best bet if you want to save a bit of money is to do some thorough research and shop around for the most attractive deal you can find. Don't simply plump for the cheapest option you can find, though, as it may not necessarily suit your particular needs. Be sure to read the small print before signing up and you'll know exactly what you are and aren't covered for.

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Home » Cars » Why Skimping On Car Insurance Just Isn't Worth The Risk   

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