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Get the best deal on your car insurance

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The costs associated with running a car can quickly add up so wherever you have the chance to make a saving it's worth doing some thorough research in order to achieve the best deal. One such area where you can take practical steps to save money is car insurance - with so many potential providers out there, it's worth taking your time to ensure that you get real value for money.

Heading online is your best bet as many providers will offer their cheapest car insurance quotes to internet customers. Using your computer will also allow you to visit online comparison sites, which allow users to see several quotes side-by-side. That's all well and good, but it's also important to be aware that certain companies choose not to give quotes via such sites, instead choosing to pass savings on directly to the customer rather than paying commission to the comparison site.

For that reason it's vitally important that you don't just assume that the best quote on a comparison site is the best deal for you. Do your research and see what other options are available out there for you - you might just find a belter of a deal that you would otherwise have ignored. Don't fall into the trap of automatically going with the cheapest deal as that particular policy may not necessarily cater for your exact needs. Read the small print carefully before making your choice.

There are other things you can do to potentially bring down the cost of your car insurance premium, one of the best options being attendance of an advanced driving course. Although you'll have to pay for the course, you'll likely see a regular saving on your premium as car insurance providers see those with advanced driving qualifications as less of an accident risk than ‘regular' drivers.

If you wish to further drive down the cost of your insurance then it's worth looking to see if there are any improved security measures you can take to convince the insurance providers that your vehicle is unlikely to be stolen. If your car doesn't have an alarm and/or immobiliser, look into getting them fitted. Again, you'll have to dip your hand in your pocket in the short term, but over time you'll likely see a decent reduction in the cost of your insurance. For similar reasons, consider investing in a steering lock to further deter would-be thieves.

If it's possible to keep your car parked on a driveway or, even better, in a securely locked garage then do so. You'll be in line for a better deal than somebody in similar circumstances to you who chooses to keep their vehicle parked on the street.

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Home » Cars » Get the best deal on your car insurance   

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