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Five tips for bringing down the cost of your car insurance

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Paying out for car insurance is something that every driver should factor into the cost of running their vehicle over the year but that's not to say that they shouldn't also look for every opportunity to bring the cost of their cover down. There are a number of steps that savvy drivers can take to reduce their payments - here are five such examples:

Research all of your options

Online car insurance comparison sites are a great tool for getting quotes from a number of insurance providers - but it's important to realise that not every provider is listed in your searches. There are a number of companies that choose to cut out the middle man and pass the savings on to the consumer, so you may be missing out on a great deal if you rely solely on comparison sites. Do your research and make sure you have quotes from all the big hitters before making your decision.

Improve security

Adding an alarm and/or immobiliser to a vehicle can make a big difference to the cost of car insurance; providers assess the risk of your car being stolen or vandalised, so anything you can do to minimise the chances of that happening will bring down the price of your premium. For similar reasons, it's always an idea to keep your vehicle in a secure area such as a garage or driveway overnight whenever possible.

Pay annually

While paying off smaller chunks of your premium on a monthly basis may look preferable to paying a larger lump sum at first glance, the chances are you're paying for the privilege. Be sure to look into how much extra you'll pay in interest by paying monthly and decide if the convenience is really worth paying the extra money for. If you can afford to pay it all off at the outset then it's a good idea to do so.

Reduce your mileage

Your premium will be affected by the number of miles you clock up over a given year, so if you have the opportunity to reduce your annual mileage be sure to take it. A great way to do this is to look into car pooling if you have a number of people at your place of work who live in the same vicinity. By taking it in turns to do the daily commute, each of you can dramatically reduce the amount of miles your car does over the year - which will also help to reduce maintenance costs.

Invest in education

The old adage is true: you continue to learn how to drive way after you've passed your test. It's always a good idea to be better prepared, so consider enrolling on an advanced driving course such as Pass Plus. You'll come out the other side a better - and safer - driver, and as insurance providers often feel that somebody who has completed such a course is less likely to end up in an accident on the roads, the price of your premium will be lower.

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Home » Cars » Five tips for bringing down the cost of your car insurance   

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