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A Car Warranty Program Is Certainly Worth Exploring

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Considering the purchase of a Nissan Security Plus extended warranty from the comfort of your own home is an investment in your vehicle. There are a variety of plans and options available to meet anyone's particular demands. A Nissan Security+Plus car warranty from Nissan of Santa Rosa is exactly the same as one from the Nissan dealership. However, Nissan of Santa Rosa offers them at a lower price when compared to the dealership.

Nissan of Santa Rosa can sell coverage to Nissan vehicles still under factory warranty. The Nissan Security+Plus plan is basically an extended warranty that you should not be without once your factory warranty expires. If you are looking to browse coverage options, there are a variety of plans available online. The following Nissan Security+Plus plan are available: Pre-Owned Preferred, Silver Preferred, or Gold Preferred status. The benefits differ between each one and are designed to fit a variety of budgets.

Nissan of Santa Rosa has been in the business of selling extended service plans for years and offers the same service at a reduced price for savvy customers. The dealership has an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau and offers top-notch service while providing reduced prices. We are committed to providing a quality product to Nissan customers and provide dedication to competitive pricing on any extended car warranty.

Any vehicles that are covered by the original 36-month/36,000-mile warranty that comes with the vehicle may be eligible to purchase any plan that is offered by Nissan of Santa Rosa. Vehicles that are no longer under the factory warranty can be eligible for the Pre-Owned Preferred plan only.

This vehicle service agreement is not the same as the factory warranty and will cover your vehicle in the case of a mechanical malfunction. A mechanical breakdown is defined as a problem in the materials of the part or in workmanship that is not up to standards. Damage that is not included is negligence, accidents, or the reduction of performance due to any type of wear and tear.

If the vehicle breaks down, there are a variety of options available to get your car back on the road in no time. Take it into an authorized repair facility, and it will be diagnosed. Give the repair facility your contract and proof of maintenance, if asked, and they will then contact Nissan for authorization of repairs on the vehicle. After the co-pay is made, parts covered by the extended car warranty are reimbursed to the party who has made a contract with Nissan of Santa Rosa.

Another great benefit that is provided by the Nissan of Santa Rosa car warranty program is QualityGuard+Plus roadside assistance coverage. This allows your vehicle to be towed at no additional cost if the vehicle has broken down due to a mechanical breakdown, as stated above. Other services that are included in the QualityGuard+Plus roadside assistance coverage are battery boosts, flat tire change outs, and gas delivery. Lock-out assistance is another important feature that is offered with QualityGuard+Plus roadside assistance coverage and may be very important if you ever lock your keys within your vehicle.

QualityGuard+Plus trip interruption benefits are also part of the extended car warranty offered by Nissan of Santa Rosa. This service will cover any costs that are incurred if your vehicle fails when 100 miles or more from home due to a mechanical breakdown of an approved part. Alternative transportation, meals, and a hotel may be reimbursed if the proper arrangements are made. However, the cost of reimbursement may not be more than $500 per incident.

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Home » Buying-cars » A Car Warranty Program Is Certainly Worth Exploring   

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